Enforcing the Spirit of Scarlet Rose Academy

Enforcing the Spirit of Scarlet Rose Academy

A Kind of Spanking Fairy Tale

by Hittite

The academy of the Scarlet Rose was an exclusive boarding school for girls. To get in, required the highest grades and scores possible. The school had been established by a wealthy female writer in the 1700s, and was devoted to empowering new generations of young, strong, and smart women to succeed as she had.

Now in 1952, the school was known not just as the oldest all girls boarding school in New England but, as the most prestigious, competitive and elite in the entire country.

The structure of the school was very well thought out and planned.

Each freshman girl was put into a group of four. The group of four was assigned one of the highest standing senior girls as its ‘prefect’ who would instruct them in the ways of the school, acting as a kind of mentor. The better the four freshman girls assigned to the prefect did, the better the prefect’s grade in the senior ‘leadership’ course would be.

The prefect had absolute authority over the younger girls, acting as a kind of defacto teacher. She had not just the authority but the responsibility to push the girls below her to succeed. This of course included the ability to reward the girls with a trip to the local Ice Cream shop if they did exceptionally well on a test, or even, if necessary, to punish them with early bedtime, grounding from weekend trips into the town, or a spanking with the house switch.

Unlike the other schools of common folks in 1950s America, there were no paddles at the school. The girls were disciplined with a perfectly sanded and varnished fine oak rod which hung on the dorm mantle piece. It was not a mere tree branch but a fine piece, a lovely example of wood work. However, it was called a ‘switch’ out of respect for the traditional American methods of discipline, done by countless pioneers before hand.

There were though, only a few offenses that girls could be spanked for. The school did not allow for willy-nilly abuse, hazing, or any such nonsense.


Maria was a cruel girl. She had gotten her good grades because she wanted the world to know she was better than everyone else. She was the kind of girl who snorted at other girls and loved to gossip, embarrassing other girls. She was more than happy to be a prefect. She knew in her heart that she would enjoy tormenting and harming the younger girls like nothing else.

When she saw the stock she was given to ‘mentor’ she was overjoyed. One of the four girls, Jessica was overweight. Another girl, Jane, had bright red hair. The two other girls, Marissa and Jacqueline seemed normal enough but Maria figured, she could find a way to make their lives miserable.

There was nothing Maria enjoyed more than stomping on people who she knew full well didn’t stomp back. Maria would never dream of arguing with a teacher, or even questioning authority. No, this was risky and not fun.

Maria had loved to babysit her younger sister as a child, and to ‘tattle’ on other kids throughout her younger years. When she saw other children being scolded and punished, she laughed to herself. It was like an addictive surge of power that ran through her, making her feel more powerful than ever.


As the first few weeks went on, Maria began to enjoy herself with all the cruelty she could imagine. She made the other girls responsible for Jessica losing weight.

“We need to make sure our team has physical fitness up to this schools standards,” Maria said, laughing to herself in an authoritarian way. “Jessica, must lose 10 pounds a week. For every pound she doesn’t lose, each girl will receive that many strokes before bed on Sunday night.”

Though this, was just the beginning of Maria’s fun.

“Jane,” she proclaimed one Sunday, “your hair is burning all of our eyes and ruining the schools color environment. For this you must be punished.”

Jane was given a session with the switch and then Maria proclaimed that Jane must dye her hair by the end of the week, or all the girls would have their heads shaved.

“Where can we get hair dye!” a sobbing Jane moaned, still rubbing her throbbing behind.

“That’s not my problem!” snapped Maria. “Perhaps Jane should have thought of dying her hair before she came and polluted our school environment with its outrageous color.”

Maria enjoyed herself no end. It seemed every day she was spanking the girls in her dorm for one offense or another.

If they whispered or spoke too loud, she soaped their mouths, saying, “We use only our plain inside voices at this school. We don’t whisper or talk too loudly.”

Maria never yelled, she just had a cruel, ‘I have total power over you smile’ on her face as she found the most arbitrary reasons imaginable to punish the girls.

However, this all changed, quickly.


The night before Jane had to dye her hair, she was sobbing. All of her four sisters had bright red hair. It had been a bond between them. They even called themselves ‘the ginger sisters’ sometimes.

Her sisters had managed to sneak some hair dye in from the town. Now, without a choice, she was going to have to make her beautiful crimson hair, dark, dull, and brown. It would only emphasize her freckles, she thought.

She remembered how the principal of the school, called a ‘headmistress’ had told the girls that they could come talk to her about anything.

Jane decided that before dying her hair, she’d go to the head mistress. She would beg on her knees that she should not be forced to dye her hair. She hoped it would work.


The headmistress, Miss Perkins, was not happy at all about being dragged out of bed at 10 o’clock. But she knew it must be something important. In her nightgown she made her way down the stairs of her house near the campus.

She saw one of the girls, the young red-headed Jane knocking at the door in tears. She opened the door and let her in.

As the door flew open, Jane threw herself onto the floor, before Miss Perkins.

“Please… please… don’t make me dye my hair!” she said.

“Get up, my dear! At once!” said the Head mistress. “Why on earth do you have to dye your hair?”

Miss Perkins sat Jane down and, over a cup of hot chocolate, she informed Miss Perkins of Maria’s policies. Jane was happily calmed when she found out her hair could stay red.

Miss Perkins was anything but relaxed when the story was finished.

“Maria is only allowed to ground or spank girls in specific circumstances!” she said. “What has gotten into her! She’s a sadistic little bitch!”

Maria smiled to herself. It seemed the school wasn’t so bad after all.

“Stay here,” said Miss Perkins.

In the other room, Miss Perkins made a phone call demanding that Maria the prefect, and her three freshman ‘mentees’ come over to her house.


After interviewing all of the girls, Miss Perkins knew what had to be done.

“Maria!” she snapped in front of all the girls, “I cannot believe the behavior you’ve carried out!”

Maria got a sarcastic, angry look.

“They’re lying. They’re lying little freshman brats!” she barked.

“Stop trying to get around it, Maria,” said Miss Perkins, as the other girls giggled, seeing that their abuser was now in the line of fire.

“As a prefect, Maria, all you can do is ground and spank with the house switch but, I have much more power than you. You will pay! This is a school that trains girls to be strong, independent, and free women. You have treated these girls horrifically and you will be punished, soundly.”

Then, Miss Perkins pulled a large bull whip from her desk. Even the girls who were delighted to see their abuser in trouble, gulped.

“You will receive twenty lashes with this whip at dawn in front of the entire school. I want everyone to know what we think of bullies,” she went on.

In extreme fear, Maria, now cut down to nothing, rocked back and forth on the couch, in terrified muteness.

“Go back to the dorm and sleep tonight. Come to breakfast with a blouse you don’t mind being cut open in the back,” said Miss Perkins, smiling as she gripped the leather snake like bullwhip.

Maria ran out, in terrified crying hysterics.


“I shall enjoy teaching Maria a lesson tomorrow,” Miss Perkins confided in the four freshman girls, who seemed relieved. “I hate bullies. Men have bullied girls for the longest time and I will not allow girls to bully each other at this school.”

The girls all smiled. “Can we leave now?” said Jane, relaxed something she had not been for the entire school year.

“Not yet,” said Miss Perkins, “there is something that must be done before you leave.”

The girls looked confused.

“Girls, this school is about teaching women to stand up for themselves. At this school we don’t want women who are submissive, or don’t stand up for yourselves. Maria treated you all like this for a long time and I cannot allow such things, as she did, to go on at this school. It violates our entire mission on this earth.”

The girls nodded.

“Before you leave, I am going to spank each of you. It will be a spanking to teach you not to take abuse. Don’t consider it a punishment, but simply a reminder. Sleep on your red bottoms tonight, knowing that you do not ever have to submit to abuse again. Next time you see a bully, report her to me immediately. That is the policy of the school.”

Now the girls looked sad.

“Do… do you want us to go get the house switch?” Jessica asked nervously.

“No, I’ll use my hand. Think of this as something I’m doing more as a mother to you, not as a teacher. Don’t be sad about it. Be happy. Consider it me giving you permission to never accept such bullying again.”

The girls nodded, before each of them, one by one, went across her lap to have their plump teenaged bottoms turned bright red, after their pajama pants were pulled down. These spankings were not like Maria’s though. They had a different nature.

Despite the pain, which was intense and burning, they all felt loved, as tears flowed from their eyes.

Miss Perkins hugged the girls, one by one. She, by now, was crying as well.

“We love you Miss Perkins!” Jane said.

“And I love you girls,” she said.

As they went out of her front door, Miss Perkins pulled her big leather whip from the drawer once again. She held it in her hands and smiled. Teaching Maria a lesson that would leave her sobbing, humiliated and thinking twice about bullying ever again, and that would be quite enjoyable.

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