The Forgotten Strap

The Forgotten Strap

The Rebirth Of A Tradition

By Hittite

Jenny was Christina’s younger sister, but from a distance, this was not so obvious.

Christina had short-cut almost butch blonde hair. She was thirty years of age, and living on her own, though hoping soon to move in with her boyfriend.

But Jenny had long, smooth blonde hair. She was 17 years younger than Christina.

But the two were sisters, and since their mother had died, they had been close.

Christina had practically raised Jenny. Now that Christina was a college graduate, and living independently, as a thirty plus, strong, confident woman, she got together with Jenny each Saturday.

These were called “sis days”, and they spent them at movies, shopping for new clothes, and bonding as sisters.

Jenny always looked forward to “sis days” as they involved nothing but endless fun. However, this Sis Day would a bit different from the previous ones.

* * * * *

“Thank God for Sis Day!” Said Jenny, as she got in the car, and started talking, despite being normally quiet. She had been extra quiet this week, often making her girlish pouty face in order to punish her father.

“Thank God for this day!” She said. “I’ve been at home all week. Its so boring!”

Looking across from the driver seats, her sister responded, putting up her sunglasses to look in the rear view mirror as they backed out of the driveway.

“I got grounded.” Jenny whined.

Christina smirked at hearing the word. To Christina the word “grounded” sounded so typically clichéd, as if something out of a teen drama. Even on the few instances where her father and deceased mother had resorted to taking privilege away, she had never called it “grounded.”

“Why did you get ‘grounded’?” Christina asked, sighing as she pulled the car onto the highway.

“Dad said I faked being sick on Tuesday just because I didn’t want to go to school. He’s so stupid!” She whined.

Before her sister could launch into another tirade about unfair it was, Christina decided to ask a question.

“But did you fake being sick?” Christina asked.

“Well, I wasn’t exactly sick. But I was very tired. I didn’t want to go to school, because it made me sick. So, I was sick.” She said, as if this logically made sense.

“Jenny.” Said Christina. “Why are you mad at dad? You pretended to be sick because you didn’t want to go to school? He’s punished you for lying.”

“Sis! I just didn’t want to go to school. If he hadn’t asked why, I wouldn’t have had to lie. It’s his fault.”

Christina glanced over at her younger sister, in the passengers seats of the car. She noticed that the relieved, happy face she had when they entered the car was fading. Now, Jenny’s face was returning to the childish, poutiness it had been all week, to punish her widower father for trying to teach her honesty.

As Jenny continued to go on, like the young brat she was, Christina stopped listening. The white heat of her anger boiled inside of her. How could Jenny treat their father this way? How could she possibly think it was okay to just fake being sick?

But inside her mind, Christina’s anger faded. It faded with a thought of their mother. Christina stopped being angry as she listened to her sister moan on. She sighed.

Now that Jenny was 13, she was missing something that was very important for her as a teen girl.

* * * *

“Why are we going this way?” Jenny suddenly said, realizing several blocks down the street that Christina wasn’t driving toward the mall like they had planned.

“I want to show you something first.” She said.

The car stopped in the driveway of Christina’s new home, where she now lived, alone, hoping of course that her boyfriend would move in.

“Why are we here?” Asked Jenny.

“Because I want to show you something.” Christina said.

Christina led Jenny up to her bedroom.

“Sit on the bed.” Christina said.

So, Jenny sat down on Christina’s large, queen sized mattress. She just sat there, looking around at the big, yet empty house.

Jenny was frustrated with her sister for not defending her. If she didn’t want to go to school, why did she have to? Didn’t her sister care about her? Did her sister really want her to suffer?

While Jenny thought all of this, her sister was in the closet, digging through old things.

Jenny knew that this closet was where her sister kept her mother’s old things. Jenny had been just three when her mother had died. She had no idea what her sister could be digger for.

* * * * *

Her sister emerged with a big, long, piece of leather in her hands. Jenny looked up at her sister, wondering if she was mad at her. But as Christina emerged from her bedroom closet, holding a big, thick, piece of leather, Christina had a big smile on her face. Little tears even swelled in the corners of her eyes.

Jenny was very confused. She couldn’t tell what this big hunk of leather she was holding was. It was to thick and large to be a belt. What was it?

Jenny was suddenly nervous, as she said to her sister: “What that?”

Jenny mind wondered to things that she had read in old fairy tale books, or historical fiction stories about children in ages past. She remember re-run episodes of the TV program “Little House on the Prairie.”

Jenny’s throat was dry.

Christina smiled, a sad, almost poignant smile as she looked at her sister.

“This was Moms.” She said. “She first used it on me when I was 12.”

Jenny gulped. Her worst fears were now confirmed.

“Mom loved us, Jenny. She loved us so much that she prepared us for life. It’s a tough world out there, Jenny. Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do, like go to school, or take a tough college final, or work at a job with a boss we really hate. There are also rules we have to follow. We can’t just go around doing whatever we please, because if we ever break these rules, there are real serious consequences.”

Jenny gulped again.

“Did dad ever spank you?” Asked Christina.

Jenny’s mind thought back. She recalled how her dad had slapped her fanny a couple of times as a toddler. She also remembered how once she had learned a nasty word at school when she was 9, and when she repeated it, her dad had said “if I ever hear you said that word again, I’ll paddle your butt.”

She had never challenged him on it. Jenny had heard about spankings. Her teachers talked about they wished they could still use the paddle. Her friends sometimes looked sad on report card days because they knew certain grades would have “consequences.”

But spanking had never been a big part of Jenny’s life. Until now.

* * * * *

Christina kept on speaking to her sister, with her teary, memory filled smile.

“When I was 12, I started acting up again too, Jenny. I started dressing slutty, and cursing. That’s when Mom introduced me to this. It’s what grandma used on her when she was little. It hurts awful, like nothing you’ve ever felt before. She used to cry when she used it on me, just like I am right now.”

Jenny suddenly panicked.

“You’re gonna hit me, sis?” She burst out.

“No.” She said. “I’m going to spank you. But it will be more like a whipping. It’s what made me the tough, successful woman I am, and now I am going to use it on you.”

Jenny was really scared now,

“What should I do?” She squeaked.

“Just pull your pants down, and lay flat on the bed.”

Jenny stood up, and pulled her tight fitting, designer jeans down. Nothing but her moderately fashionable, pink panties stood between her sister and her bottom, which now clenched horribly in absolute fear of what it was about to feel.

“Lay down flat her.” Christina said.

Barely breathing, Jenny did. The sheets felt cool on her bare legs.

“Try not to clench to much, Jen.” She said. “It only makes it worse. Just relax, and think about what you did. Think about lying to daddy. Think about trying to get out of your responsibility.”

“Please don’t sis!” Jenny said, now crying along with her sister.

Her sister said nothing. There was just a dead, but pregnant silence.

But then, WHAM!

Her sister swung the strap down on Jenny as hard she could.

Jenny had never felt so much pain in her life. It was like rubbing a hot poker all across her bottom.

But then its continued. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!

The leather was so thick and heavy it thumped, as well as cracking. This piece of material had been designed to punish the bottoms of young girls. Now, more than ever, it was. The pain was massive, unrelenting, and extreme.

Christina began yell at her.

“You will NOT be lying to your father again!” WHAM!

Christina almost heard the voice of her dead mother come from her own lips, as the whipping continued, and Jenny moaned and screamed.

“If you act spoiled and bratty like this again, you will feel the strap!” WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!

The whipping continued.

Jenny sobbed. The pain was horrific, and worst of all, she couldn’t pout and pretend she was a victim any longer. She deserved this. This was justice, and all she could do was accept the punishment she had earned.

* * * * *

Finally Jenny ended it. She put the strap back in the closet, but she didn’t bury. She put on a hook, for easy access. She knew she would be using it again. This job had fallen to her, in light of her mother’s tragic death.

She held her sister, who sat on the bed, sobbing and catching her breath.

“I’m sorry Sis!” She said. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I swear I’m sorry!”

“It’s okay, Jenny. It’s okay. After we get home, I’m going to tell Dad your not grounded anymore. In fact, you won’t be grounded ever again…”

“Really?” Asked Jenny, giving a hopeful look through her teary eyes.

“Yes.” She said. “But, before we go and have fun on Saturdays, your Dad is going to tell me if you’ve been misbehaving during the week. If you have, we’ll do this again.”

Jenny looked up scared, but in a way, almost happy about this new arrangement.

“I swear, Jenny, if you keep acting like a little brat, we can do this every Saturday. I can make you take your panties down. I can do it twice as long as twice as hard. You have to honor Mom’s memory by being a good girl.”

Christina again could hear the dead mother’s voice in her words. It made her smile harded, knowing that despite her mother being gone, she was still with her and her younger sister.

“It’s okay.” Jenny said. “I’ll try my hardest to be good. I love you sis!”

“I love you to Jenny.” She said. “Now, let’s get going to the movies. You might want to grab a pillow from the couch. A small one that can fit in my purse. Those seats won’t seem so comfy today, hun.”

“Okay.” Said Jenny. “Are we still getting dinner afterword?”

“Of course, sis.” Said, Christina, drying her eyes with a tissue. Both of their faces soon returned to the smile that normally filled these days of love and bonding between sisters.

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