The Dance – Part Two

The Dance – Part Two

By Hittite

Emily strolled into the class on Monday. She knew there was no turning back now. Earlier in the day she had fought the urge inside of her try and find a way to get the assignment done. It was as if there were two sides of her.

One side was burning with urgency and excitement that the plan would be fulfilled. It had been years in the making. It had been the object of her fantasies for years. This day was to be the completion, the day in which it all came to a head.

The dance was to begin.

However, another side of her didn’t feel this way at all. It was going to a hurt a lot, a whole lot, she knew. It was also going to make thing interesting.

She took a deep breath as she walked into biology class. She thought to herself “the first time will be the hardest. After this it will start to be clockwork. Then she could lower his defenses and sink her teeth in. It would be perfect.

Mr. Berger would fall, and he would fall harder than anyone had ever fallen before.

* * * *

She walked into class, with a perky smile on her face. Though a nervous throbbing pulse of panic was bursting through every part of her brain, heart, arms, and legs, she looked cool. This was a something Emily knew very well about herself. She could be scared to death, angry, sad, or jumping for joy, but she could still maintain her normal, quite girl look.

No one ever knew what went on inside her head. That’s what would make the trick.

She plopped herself down on the uncomfortable, hard plastic chair, and folded her hands in her lap. This was going to be interesting.

Her nerves were gone now. They had become so intense, that now she was relieved. She just giggled a bit. She sat there, with biology text book out, and her notebook open to take notes.

Then, Mr. Berger strolled in. She did her best to keep her smile on, as she observed his huge arms, and his chest that seemed to bulge right out of his shirt.

Even though the class was quiet, Mr. Berger still needed to show off his position as the dominant male, as usual. He thundered loudly: “QUIET DOWN! NO TALKING! ITS TIME TO START THE CLASS! I WANT ALL OF YOUR TEXTBOOKS OPEN IN FIVE SECONDS!”

Emily’s smile remained calm. Her textbook was already open, and there in the third row, she must have been looking like the perfect student.

For the first ten minutes of class, they read from the book allowed. Then, Mr. Berger made the dreaded announcement:

“Pass your homework to the person sitting next you. Let’s trade and grade.”

Emily kept her perky smile. She wasn’t scared a bit.

* * * *

Mr. Berger didn’t even both to ask if any student had failed to complete their assignment. He assumed that the merciless bit of pleasure he had experienced on the Friday before would keep any student from walking into his trap for a month or so.

So, when Emily raised his hand, after his order to “trade and grade” had been made, he assumed she had a question.

“Yes, Miss Cronan?” He said.

“What if we didn’t get our homework done.” She said, smiling cheerfully.

The entire class froze. It was shocking to hear Emily speak at all. It was even more shocking that the “little miss perfect” hadn’t completed her assignment. It was even more shocking in light of what had gone on Friday, when Mr. Berger had shown his skill in bringing a high school athlete to tears.

The only face in the class that was smiling was Emily. Each other face was frozen with the fear she was supposed to be experiencing but wasn’t.

“Miss Cronan!” He shouted. “Miss Emily Cronan! Didn’t you see what happened yesterday when a student decided that homework wasn’t important?”

She kept smiling, and nodded.

“Miss Cronan, do you think because you’re a girl, I’ll allow you to just flaunt the rules? Do you think you can just disobey me? You think you can just disregard the rules?”

Emily didn’t nod. She just look straight ahead not responding to the question.

Mr. Berger could barely contain his excitement.

“GET OUT IN THE HALL RIGHT NOW!” He screamed, his voice nearly cracking, trying to keep the façade of anger behind the rush of pleasure he was feeling.

Emily obeyed. She marched with her hands at her sides out into the hall.

* * * * *

As she stood in the hall, looking at the gray, smooth bricks of the walls, she calmed a bit. There was no audience out here. What was about to occur would just be between her and Mr. Berger.

The first step in the plan was about to be completed.

Then a thought popped into her head. She was alone. The hall was quiet and empty. She could move things ahead more quickly than she had originally planned.

She would, she decided, as she heard to door open, and slam, things would get moving faster than she ever thought possible.

The final victory would get even closer.

* * * *

Mr. Berger strolled out into the hallway. His huge board was with him. He had just slammed the door behind him making a loud boom. His masculine body was pumped and moving as if he were ready for battle.

“You ready to get punished…” He shouted, not so much for Emily to hear, but for the students inside, who Mr. Berger knew full well were trembling.

“Not yet, Mr. Berger.” She said.

Before Mr. Berger could respond, she flipped her skirt up and pulled her panties down to just above her knees. She bent over and grabbed a brick on the wall, presenting her naked, teenaged buttocks to him.

Mr. Berger froze. He was at a loss for words. He was stunned by what was before him. His hand sweated on the paddle. His grip got less intense.

Mr. Berger’s mind found itself questioning if this was a dream or not.

“My mom and dad always do it this way, to make sure I really feel it.” Emily said from her bent over position.

Mr. Berger gulped. “You’ll feel it alright little missy!” He said.

Then he swung. CRACK!

It was just what Emily had expected. Intense hot pain. It wasn’t going to be fun for the next bit, it was just a matter of toughing it out.





“Get up, and get back in that class.” Mr. Berger had said. Mr. Berger’s energy had returned now. He was feeling a rush of invincibility.

Emily stood up, and couldn’t help but allow the tiny little tears she was holding back to stream down her face. Her face was as red as her bottom, as she pulled her panties up and straightened her skirt.

But she was only crying because of the pain. She was proud of it. She had skipped step one, and moved on to step two. Furthermore, she had Mr. Berger right where she wanted him.

She went into class, and decided it was best to let loose. She sat down at her desk, and decided to put on her full, little girl sobs. She buried her head in her hands and bawled.

A few hands were put on her shoulder by other girls.

Mr. Berger tried to ignore her as the lesson went on.

Beneath her tears was an underlying happiness though. Emily had proven that she could get this far. Only a few more bits to go.

The dance had begun, and it would end so gloriously it would be like the entire earth was shaking.

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