The Adventures of Ms. Steidel

The Adventures of Ms. Steidel

By Hittite

We all knew Ms. Melody Steidel. She was the school secretary. She was tall, and her hair was fixed in a bun, and like all the women who attended the Apostolic Church she gathered her hair below a white head cap.

She was also wore long, conservative dresses.

We all knew her, but not for her ability to staple papers or answer the phone.

Ms. Melody Steidel, by some odd twist of fate, ended up administering the spankings at our elementary school.

The spankings she gave out were more accurately called paddlings, because they utilized the traditional, heavy, flat piece of wood.

When one was sent to see Ms. Steidel, the teacher would tell you to go to the office. A phone call, or a note accompanying you to the office would explain your reason for being sent.

Ms. Steidel would read over the note carefully, as you looked on trembling. Then, you would get the punishment she deemed you deserving of.

* * * *

Ms. Steidel was a large woman. Her arms were heavy with rolls of fat, as was the rest of her body. She put all of her weight behind the “board of education” each time she used it.

Ms. Steidel also made no secret about the fact that she enjoyed her job.

Unlike other teachers who got angry with students, Ms. Steidel always remained calm and relaxed.

She would read over your note, and say “hmm… talking back again, Jeremy… you know what I have to do. Bend over the desk.”

She always had a twinkle in her eye. She liked doing it.

She usually had the kids bend over a small, child sized desk in the back of the office, behind the counter. She’d get a big smile on her face, and show off a few practice swings, before popping your butt as hard she could.

Ms. Steidel was a religious person, and openly said in adult Sunday school classes how she was happy to have a job where she could help “mold and correct young minds.” She said it was God’s doing that she got it, as she had no college education and no children of her own.

* * * *

Ms. Steidel particularly enjoyed two sequences that occurred at her job.

The first involved girls, especially some of the older ones in the fifth or sixth grade classes. They would grow sarcastic, rude, and sometimes mean to the other girls.

However, these girls, in the process of maturing into teen brats, would rarely make the mistake of doing something that merited a paddling. The nasty remark, or eye roll, could usually pass.

However, on the occassion that a smarty-pants teeny bopper girl accidentally crossed the line, and fell into her line of fire, it was a great day for Ms. Steidel.

She would say “Well, Ms. Perkins, its about time someone sent you to see me. I’m gonna show you what I think of your little attituide.”

The spanking of the girls life followed, always.

Ms. Steidel delighted in these occassions.

The first was when she was dealing with a particularly stubborn boy. There was one in almost every class. He would be sent down numerous times, and it would take Ms. Steidel several “tries” to break the boy.

Some boys needed an especially long paddling. Others needed just some sharp whacks on the behind, but the hardest she could possibly muster.

Each of these “tough guys” as she called them in her mind was a special case, because they needed to be broken in their own special way.

She’d know she had won when the boys no longer left the main office with a tough, defiant, though red and teary, face.

When Ms. Steidel won, the boys left balling, apologizing, hugging her, and repentant.

* * * *

One little boy, Richard Zimfried, had a unique way of being broken. The little boys mother had died over the summer, and sadly, as the school year started, Ms. Steidel started seeing a lot of him, especially his little jean clad bottom, bent over the little desk in the back office.

Ms. Steidel went easy on him the first time, not hitting him so hard, and only giving five or six whacks, because she suspected his acting out was part of the grieving process.

However, this was a mistake. Richard kept stepping out line and kept visiting her.

Finally, one day in Novemeber, after he had been visiting her on a weekly basis, Ms. Steidel sat down with Richard.

“Richard, the way you are acting is not what your mother would have wanted.” She said.

The defiant boy looked away.

“Richard, your mother loved you and cared about you, and now that she’s gone, she is up in heaven very disappointed. Do you think this what she would want you to do because she was gone? Start acting up? Don’t you want her to be proud of you?” She asked.

The boy tried to look tough and look away, but he couldn’t. The little boy felt said. He realized Ms. Steidel was right. Acting up was not what his mother would have wanted.

“What would your Momma do if she were still alive, Richard?” Asked Ms. Steidel.

Richard could barely speak the words, but he pushed them out “spank me.” He said.

Ms. Steidel then answered loudly, but lovingly, with the same twinkle in her eye: “consider this not coming from me, but from your mother.”

Ms. Stiedel then lifted Richard and put him across her big, skirt clad lap. She pulled his little jeans and underwear down, and didn’t even bother to use her paddle. She hand spanked his bottom until it was bright red.

When it was over they hugged. Richard was sent back to class, and didn’t return for another disciplinary session again.

* * * *

The Principal, David Mcguiness frequently asked Ms. Steidel if she minded doing all the spankings. He hated spanking kids, and was happy that Ms. Steidel took care of “the dirty deed”, but he felt on some level that he wasn’t being fair in giving her a job normally reserved for principals.

Ms. Steidel reassured him that she didn’t mind her job at all. She did say one thing however. She said: “But if I ever spank a kid unfairly, and they were innocent, and I could have known that if I had taken the time to listen… I want you to take your belt to me.”

The principal laughed, assuming this was some kinds of flirty joke, and forgot about it.

That is, until one fateful afternoon.

David McGuinness was ready to leave school, when he found Ms. Stiedel, blocking the door.

He was taken aback, especially when she handed him a thick, leather belt.

“I have to take you up on your offer. You’ll have to do some spanking today. I’d do it for you, but I can’t right spank myself.” She said.

The principal’s mouth hung open.

“I spanked Julie this afternoon. The note said she stole the hamster. She was crying and said she was framed. I didn’t believe her. I was to anxious, because she’s got that lip of hers. But she was framed. It was Jimmy. He hid it in her desk. I think the boy has a crush on her… anyhow, I just gave Jimmy a reason not to sit down for a month or two… but, I paddled an innocent little girl today, and as I am honest woman before God… I need to be chastised…”

She said this all matter of factly, as she handed the Principal the thick leather belt.

“This was my dads. I haven’t felt it since I tried a cigarette at sixteen. Its been a long time to.”

The principal sighed. It looked like he had to do what was in his job description at least once.

Ms. Steidel shoved past him, and lifted her skirt as she bent over an office chair.

“I need to really feel this.” She said. “I hope you are as good at this as I am.”

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  1. SamanthaRae says:

    wow this is amazing. Wish i could write like this. 😀 I right erotic spanking stories, but i have yet to post them. i should probably be spanked for not updating my blog. 😛

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