A Relationship (F/m)

By Hittite

It all began when Aleah was 13 years old, and Joseph, then known at “Joey” was 3.

It began in Church.

Aleah was nervous that day, because it was her first day, as a mature 13 year old, to watch the nursery.

She was happy because instead of having to hear the Sermon, or the endless stream of mideaval sounding hymns and organ music, she could sit in the nursery with the children and pretend she was all grown up, looking after kids.

Aleah was nervous because she had recalled when other girls had their first Sundays on duty. She remembered how each of them had been told “you are really good with kids” and other such kind words from the adults in the congregation.

Were such words going to be said to her? Or was she was she going to fail at this? Was she going to be able to swell with pride that she might make a good mother someday, or better yet, a teacher?

Or would her mother look at her with those same eyes of a disappointment again.

Aleah’s stomach had turned with fear as one by one, as the prelude music played, parents dropped their children off.

She just couldn’t fail.

* * * *

On that particular morning, Joey was throwing another temper tantrum. He didn’t want to go to the nursery and play with blocks and little plastic trucks. He wanted to go into the church and sit with the big kids and grown ups.

Joey had only been alive for three years, but already he longed not be a special kind of sub-human called a “child.” He wanted to be treated like he was just as special as everyone else.

Joey punished his mother for dropping him off in the nursery. As he walked to the nursery with her, he began to scream and yell, and cry. He jumped up and down in writhing anger.

“Stop it!” His mother snapped. “Stop it!”

Joey’s mother was clearly humiliated. She could see the judging eyes coming from other mothers, dubbing her a “bad mother” due to her son’s misbehavior.

“Stop it!” His mother snapped, shaking his arm.

Finally, his mother made an announcement that she hoped would have the label of “bad mother” removed from her, even if her son continued carrying on.

“Joey. Before I go into Church, I’m going to take you into the bathroom and give you a spanking!” She said.

Joey froze in terror. Other adults got satisfied grins on their faces.

Joey’s mother was a bit nervous, as she would clearly have to follow through on this sentence she had just passed.

But then, someone came to her rescue. It was another Mother, reminding her of a separate duty that morning than simply disciplinarian.

“Marsha!” She said. “They are about to start the service. You have to make the announcement about the fund drive!”

Joey’s mother was relieved. She had found her escape.

“Well Joey…” She said in a stern voice. “It looks like I can’t spank you until after church, but then you are in for it…”

Then, seeing a glimmer of opportunity to prove herself, Aleah burst into Joey’s life.

* * * *

“I can do it for you, Ma’am!” She said.

Aleah was excited as she now thought she had a moment to prove herself.

What was more mature, adult, and challenging than giving a spanking.

“No.” Joey’s mother said. “I’ll do it after church, but then Joey is in for it.”

“But I read that at Joey’s age, its important to get punished right after your offense.” Aleah said, perking up, remembering the rationale her own mother had given on numerous occasions when Aleah had recalled being de-pants in the grocery isle to get three or four hard whacks.

Joey’s mother looked at the other mothers around, who all seemed to be nodding in agreement.

“Okay.” Her mother said. “But don’t take to long. You need to be watching the other children to, not just spanking Joey in the bathroom all morning.”

“Oh, that’s okay, Ma’am.” Said Aleah. “I’ll spank him here in front of the other kids. It will serve as an example for anyone else who thinks of misbehaving.”

Some of the mothers in the room gave a bit of an impressed chuckle.

“Fine.” Said Joey’s mother as she strolled off.

* * * *

Aleah wasted no time. Soon Joey was across her lap.

As Joey lay across Aleah’s lap he was terrified. He had only been spanked a handful of times, but each time had been scary. His little heart raced, and his buttocks clenched together in fear.

Aleah soon pulled his dressy church pants, and his underwear down.

She then said in the meanest mommy voice she could muster: “Joey, misbehaving in church is very rude and disrespectful. It’s time to get punished.”

She then brought her hand down on Joey’s rear as hard as she could. The sound made a loud smack, and all the children in the nursery jumped.

Aleah felt the power she had. Spankings had always terrified her.

She still got her father’s belt occasionally for misbehaving, but it was rare. Despite her rebellious nature, never had she felt one of her teacher’s paddles because the terror of it filled her with enough dread to follow the rules.

But now, she was playing another role this terror filled ritual, and it scared her equally as much.

But then, she embraced the terror.

She took hold of shiver she felt each time a kid got sent to out in the hall to wait for the paddle, or each time her father pulled his belt out and said “one more wrong move, missy!”

The temporary pause after the first whack was then over. Aleah spanked Joey until he screamed for dear life.

She spoke in a quite, snarling angry town as her right hand pounded into his rear.

“You’re lucky I’m only using my hand this time, little Joey!” She said. “If I ever did what you did, I would have gotten my Mama’s wooden spoon. Or worse, her big wooden hairbrush…”

As Joey screamed in pain, she went on.

“You’ll thank for me for this some day.” She said. “I’m giving you just what you need. When little boys misbehave, they need to know what it feels like to have a sore bottom.”

Joey screamed in fear. The words her heard from Aleah sounded like the Spanking would never end. The world of punishing pain would go on and on and on.

By the time it stopped, Joey had screamed and cried himself out. His pants were pulled up and he got to stand in the corner for five more minutes.

* * * *

As Joey’s mom picked him up after church, Joey ran up to Aleah. “I love you Miss Aleah!” He said, giving her a big hug.

Aleah beamed with pride as the other mothers looked on.

“Wow.” One said. “You are really good with kids. Didn’t you just spank him? When I paddle Mikey it takes him hours before he’ll even talk to me.”

“I spank with love.” She said, smiling with a new confidence.

“She spanks hard.” Said Joey, looking scared and rubbing his bottom.

The mothers all laughed at Joey’s cute childish distress.

The story was not over.

* * * *

Aleah became the regular nursery attendant. Her affection with the children was legendary. Her kindness got her a reputation she loved.

Parents also knew she was a good spanker. Sometimes mothers would threaten an especially naughty child: “If you don’t start straightening up, I won’t just spank you, I’ll have Aleah spank you during church next Sunday!”

The children all knew what this meant. Though Aleah rarely gave out spankings, when she did they were scary and effective, and Aleah delivered them with a big grin on her face.

Joey seemed to always be the one who ended up over her knee, when ever few months Aleah practiced her Church’s interpreation of the biblical references to “the rod of correction.”

* * * *

Years later, when Joey needed a babysitter, Aleah, about to graduate high school and go on to college was up for the job.

Joey had intended to be on his best behavior. But this wasn’t enough for Aleah. When discovered he was running a C average in math class, even a well behaved fifth grade boy did not escape a whipping with his own, brand new leather belt.

“You’re a very smart boy, Joey.” She said. “I won’t let you slack off.”

There was always some magic between Joey and Aleah.

Years later, Aleah shocked her college psychology class when they discussed spankings.

“There was one boy in Church who needed spankings.” She said, as her professor, trained in Psychology looked on in shock. “He cried, but I could tell every time spanked him that he needed it. I hated spanking him as much as he hated getting spanked. But… I think he also enjoyed it as much as did.”

The class gasped in shock that day at the local state University. But a few understood, and when Aleah recalled warming the little boys buns, she got the same grin on her face she had when she had done the act itself.

She then smiled even brighter, when she recalled the sorority initiation ceremony was set for the coming weekend!

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