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Mrs. Addams Great Moment

by Carl Hittite Mrs. Addams was very happy when she saw Andrew walk in that rainy, Tuesday morning. She bore the brightest smile she had worn on her face in a long time. Andrew was her seventh grade nemisis. The … Continue reading

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A Relationship (F/m)

By Hittite It all began when Aleah was 13 years old, and Joseph, then known at “Joey” was 3. It began in Church. Aleah was nervous that day, because it was her first day, as a mature 13 year old, … Continue reading

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Lunchtime Licks at Summer Camp (M/f)

By Hittite “You’re such a faggot.” Jessica said to the camp director. His jaw dropped. “What?” He said. “I said you’re such a faggot.” She said. “What kind of language do you think you are using with me?” the camp … Continue reading

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The Dance – Part Five

By Hittite Emily paused as she held the paint brush, dipped in bright red paint in her hand. Her original intention was for the words painted across the green chalkboard to be “God is Dead.” But then she paused for … Continue reading

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The Dance – Part Four

The Dance – Part Four By Hittite Mr. Berger’s peaceful, relaxed mood, after the thrilling experience of paddling Emily’s bare bottom in the hallway would fade away soon. Emily sat back and watched peacefully as it did. Her bottom was … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Ms. Steidel

The Adventures of Ms. Steidel By Hittite We all knew Ms. Melody Steidel. She was the school secretary. She was tall, and her hair was fixed in a bun, and like all the women who attended the Apostolic Church she … Continue reading

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The Dance – Part Three

The Dance – Part Three by Hittite Emily walked through the school for the next few days a bit more paranoid than usual. She wondered if anyone had heard how she had “enhanced” her punishment on Monday. It would most … Continue reading

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