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The Southern Rules of Teaching

THE SOUTHERN RULES OF TEACHING by Hittite When ‘Teach for America’ sent me into the schools of Mississippi, I figured it would just be like teaching in any other rural area. I of course suspected southern accents, racism, and all … Continue reading

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A Source Of Self-Esteem, Discovered Over Lunch

A Source Of Self-Esteem, Discovered Over Lunch by Hittite Jim was a rough kid. Everyone would tell you it. They may have had their words like “troubled” or “delinquent” or “rough”, but the words all added up the same thing. … Continue reading

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Whipped on a Summer Sabbath Day

Whipped on a Summer Sabbath Day by Hittite Julie-Ann knew that there were rules. Breaking these rules would of course, result in punishment. Julie-Ann’s world was quite simple. It contained three other people. There was her mother, her father, and … Continue reading

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When Momma Spanked

  When Momma Spanked by Hittite I remember when Momma spanked. When a spanking approached, Mama was calm. She did not want to be the kind of mom who slipped into rage and started smacking randomly, hoping to hit your … Continue reading

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The Skilled Man

THE SKILLED MAN by Hittite Mr. Wressler, a 56-year-old High School principal, enjoyed spanking his students. Though no one spoke of it, it was obvious to all who took care to notice. Mr. Wressler was probably the one who was … Continue reading

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