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A Relationship (F/m)

By Hittite It all began when Aleah was 13 years old, and Joseph, then known at “Joey” was 3. It began in Church. Aleah was nervous that day, because it was her first day, as a mature 13 year old, … Continue reading

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Lunchtime Licks at Summer Camp (M/f)

By Hittite “You’re such a faggot.” Jessica said to the camp director. His jaw dropped. “What?” He said. “I said you’re such a faggot.” She said. “What kind of language do you think you are using with me?” the camp … Continue reading

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The Dance – Part Five

By Hittite Emily paused as she held the paint brush, dipped in bright red paint in her hand. Her original intention was for the words painted across the green chalkboard to be “God is Dead.” But then she paused for … Continue reading

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Enforcing the Spirit of Scarlet Rose Academy

Enforcing the Spirit of Scarlet Rose Academy A Kind of Spanking Fairy Tale by Hittite The academy of the Scarlet Rose was an exclusive boarding school for girls. To get in, required the highest grades and scores possible. The school … Continue reading

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When Momma Taught Cindy A Lesson

When Momma Taught Cindy A Lesson by Hittite   In the hot summer, Momma would sit on the back porch with her friends. We would play in the backyard with her friend’s children. Momma, watching from a distance would drink … Continue reading

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A Paddle in the Basement

A Paddle in the Basement By Hittite I stayed the night with one of my best friends for the first time. The friend was named Osgood, an odd name. He and his family were nearly as odd as his name. … Continue reading

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